Native of the San Fernando valley. Manny Lorenzana grew up in Canoga Park, California. He fell in love with tattooing at a young age. Personally started getting tattooed at 15 and apprenticing by 18 at Nathan's tattoos in Canoga Park. Started taking clients a year later and beginning his professional career at 19. Manny went on to work at Nathan's for years inevitably moving to different studios in the San Fernando valley until the opportunity came to work at the Dolorosa Tattoo Co. where he got to work alongside inspiring artists such as Chris Paez, Alex Garcia, and Robert Atkinson.

                Manny began to build a strong clientele in the Studio city area, and a reputation for making clean custom tattoos. Around this time is when Manny had his first opportunity to travel through Europe making tattoos. He got to work along side Christian Nguyen in Switzerland, Dan Sinnes in Luxenburg, Vinnie Stones in Antwerp, Belgium. beginning to make regular trips to Europe and spending a lot of time making tattoos abroad.

                 Robert Atkinson went on to open Ten Thousand Waves with his old friend and partner Jojo Ackerman. Manny had spent his childhood tattooing and looking up to them and when asked to be a part of the shop, had no other choice but to join. beginning a new chapter in his career along with the birth of his first child Brody Mae Lorenzana.

                  Manny is now working full time in Sherman Oaks, California at Ten Thousand Waves alongside his childhood heroes.